Review – Canal Grande Venice Italy

One of the many great things about Venice is the infamous gondola rides. We took a Gondola around the canals and it peaked out to the Grande for a few minutes then we went back into the city. While on the ride we noticed the bridge, not sure of the name forgive me, and we decided to walk the town later and get some great photos. First we noticed that it is a very touristy spot for photo and now gift shops. *Tip, don’t buy anything here, better stores and prices off the Canal Grande. Worth the walk and it is free to take photos etc. Thanks for reading.

Review – Grom Gelato Venice Italy – The Best Gelato

Walking the beautiful city of Venice and walking by this Gelato shop required us to go in an try some. It was truly the smoothest and best tasting Gelato we had while visiting Italy. It came with a price, average about $10 for 2 scoops. We had so many flavors I do not remember my favorite. Hint: it had chocolate in it. Definitely give this a try if in the area versus a street vendor, you WILL taste the difference. Thanks for reading.